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usb synchronization softwareLast time I simply listen to several players LO output effect, different machine is indeed a great difference, after all, the output of the analog signal LO is already processed by the majority of the player, you can see the level of DAC. And this time I simply come to talk about the digital output effect, according to common sense to think the difference will not be big, but the fact is so, see below.

Portable digital output on the player is mainly fiber and coaxial output, because they are common interface, so compatibility is very good. At present, with the fiber output machines are Astell \u0026 Kern AK series, COWON P1, mountain spirit M3, ibasso DX100, etc., with coaxial output of the Rainbow C4 Pro, Flying X3, X5, HIFIMAN HM series (although dedicated DOCK mouth, but cited Out of the coaxial), Sony D100, ibasso DX100 (fiber, coaxial have) and so on. In addition, USB can be regarded as another kind of digital output, but mainly in mobile phones, tablet PCs, such as Android phones, iPhone, or like the Sony ZX1, ZX2 and F880 this will Andrews system player, their versatility and Not very good, the need for special support decoder.

The use of the decoder, is still OPPO HA-1, it has a rich enough digital input interface, can support BNC balance, coaxial, fiber, USB, Bluetooth a variety of ways, the main test is coaxial and Fiber two, will also be appropriate with the USB connection computer simple comparison.

The machine used mainly mountain spirit M3, flying proud X5 and Astell \u0026 Kern AK120II three, which X5 is coaxial output, M3 and AK120II is the optical output. Would also like to join the HM-802, but that machine is currently doing tour activities, so no solution.

Digital output is a slightly controversial thing, because many of my friends that the player as a turntable, only the output of digital signals, it can be said that the equivalent of a U disk, but the rules from the above read data, read out It is 0 is 0, it is 1 is 1, should not be any deviation right, so from this point of view, the player does not seem to affect the sound quality. But in the Hi-Fi circle, it is generally considered that the turntable has a great impact on the sound quality of the whole system, and even the influence of the rotator is greater than that of the decoder, the amplifier and the amplifier. In the end is not really influential, just out of thin air is clearly not convincing, so this time I selected a few portable player, and still can be a set of decoding and headset earphone system, to feel it. In fact, the answer has long been able to guess, because the earlier evaluation of Sony PHA-2 portable decoding amp, the experience of the use of F885 or ZX1 as a turntable, the sound will be some differences.

Yamylan M3 with fiber input and output functions, Astell \u0026 Kern AK120II only with fiber output, it removed a generation 120 has some fiber input function, because the portable player's decoding power is generally not strong, so the fiber input used The probability is very small, but sometimes small features can also play a big role, such as the author had really used a long period of time Walkman fiber input function, it was a long time ago just bought PS3, the game is usually only Fiber and HDMI audio output, was then connected to the display, because there is no decoder, so use a portable input player with fiber input, speakers or headphones.

M3 and AK120II use optical fiber output without any settings, directly to the fiber optic cable can be inserted to play, the machine will automatically identify the fiber output or headphone output. M3 and AK120II although the same as CS4398 DAC, but here as a digital dial and DAC nothing to do, because the output is only digital information, and will not be processed by the DAC. And the sound, just listen to the time that M3 and AK120II sound almost the same, can not tell the difference, especially pop songs, listen to the feeling is almost the same, the sound is slightly slightly misty, the initial impression is not good, no memory USB mode HA-1 nice, but switch to the computer after the USB, just listen to pop songs, it sounds still very similar. So the initial can be considered that different players of the optical fiber or USB digital output even if there is a difference, it will not be great, at least the sound style will not be significantly different, if slowly switch to listen, unless the ears are very spiritual, otherwise May really say nothing more to come.

Later, after a long period of time to listen to, but also to say that M3 and AK120II a little bit different, simply say that the M3 straight machine to push the earplugs, headphones when the sound is characterized by soft, digital output also have such a Little bit of trend, though not very obvious, but listen carefully or can feel out. Why is the same digital output fiber, two machine sound will be a little different? I think a very obvious factor is that the different playback software, out of the sound may be different. One can explain the problem is that the AK120II use of fiber output, EQ settings still work, open EQ, or EQ manually set to different parameters, the sound is different, that the various sound effects should be added before the DAC Processing, so different players, the digital output of the sound can do different, but generally do not seem to add too much tuning and tone, such as M3 and AK120II price gap is great, but the quality and The style difference is very small.

Flying proud X5 is coaxial output mode, it has three 3.5mm jack on the top, the headphone output, LO and coaxial output separately, coaxial output requires a machine comes with a 3.5mm to RCA Lotus head of the conversion line , And then through the coaxial digital line connected with the decoder. Flying proud X5 digital output effect is somewhat unexpected, its voice is clearly with the above two optical output sound nice, the main difference is the sound of water, full, natural, no fiber output is so hard digital taste, do not say Quality is a sense of hearing has been clearly won, and X5 coaxial output than the backup computer to usb windows 8 USB connection sounds slightly natural and full of some, although the details of the quality is not necessarily higher than the computer USB, but listen to the sense of no doubt fly Proud X5 is this several, the best output of a digital output. So is it possible to say that the coaxial output is really better than the fiber output is better? At least this comparison of the author's perception is like this.

USB is special, because it is not specifically for the transmission of audio connection, so there are several specifications, protocols, transmission is not the same way, such as USB 1.1 and USB2.0 points, there are synchronous and asynchronous , These will have some impact on the sound. OPPO HA-1 in the USB and computer connection, work in the USB 2.0 asynchronous transfer mode, you need to install the driver. In terms of sound listening, it is better than the performance of M3 and AK120II, USB HA-1 sound to be slightly full and thicker, the sound atmosphere is good, and there is no obvious hair dry taste, Big pop songs and Walkman digital output difference is not great, in the classical symphony, USB mode, low-frequency stable and clear some, but also have the strength and grand, or easy to hear the difference. But the coax than the Flying X5, USB mode, the overall quality may be slightly better, but the sound of the natural sense or some digital taste.

The result of this audition is that several digital output of the machine, although the overall level of little difference, but the sound is different, which Shan Ling M3 and Astell \u0026 Kern AK120II two fiber output machine feel relatively poor, the sound slightly stiff, There are digital taste, computer USB mode is better, and Flying X5 coaxial output in listening to the most natural is the best to listen to, where we can lose what quality, but also not the more high-end player digital output It is better, listening is the most important, and the last attempt to LO output audition results are significantly different.

Hardware DAC fiber output is a hardware sound, the driver will also play a role in the program

Knowledge accumulated over time, read the.

The landlord can evaluate the smart phone usb digital audio output quality and professional player gap

Boss and poison ah, so bad

Well, unfortunately there is no C4 D100 QA360 DX100 contrast

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