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수정 삭제
수정 삭제
Because the State Intellectual Property Office notice code upgrade, so the Bo School Forum recently asked someone to ask a certain notice code ****** on behalf of what?

In fact, the State Intellectual Property Office has issued a patent examination form old and new code comparison table, check the table to know the type of notice. Copy here for your reference:

Request class

ABCD1 No. Name Old code New code 21 Claim number 1000210000002 Manual 1000310000243 Manual 1000410000344 Manual summary 1000510000465 Summary drawing 1000610000576 Supplement 1000710000687 Patent agent power of attorney 1000810000798 Request for fee reduction 10009100008109 Extension request 100101000091110 Restoration rights request 100111000101211 Opinion statement Book (about expense) 100121000111312 Opinion statement 100131000121413 Withdrawal of patent application statement 100141000131514 Attached document 100161000141615 Correcting error request 100171000151716 Entry item change notification form 108011000161817 Suspension procedure request 108021000171918 Withdrawal of priority statement 102111000182019 Mandatory permission request 108031000192120 Mandatory license fee amount ruling Request for Proof of Entitlement 108041000202221 Patent Attorney (Chinese and English) 1000212322 General Power of Attorney 1000222423 List of Source of Disclosure of Genetic Resources Source 1000232524 Technical Program Specification 1000262625 Request for Foreign Patent Application for Patent Privacy Examination 100311000272726 Request for Certification Document 1000302827 Request for Copy of Document 100151000312928 Patent Document Check the copy request 1000323029 re-obtain the inquiry password request 1000333130 electronic application user registration request 1000343231 electronic application user registration information change request 1000353332 electronic application user registration business opinion statement 1000363433 electronic application notice copy request 1000373534 file filing request 1000383635 Abandonment of patent right statement 105011006013736 Patent evaluation report request 1007013837 Review request 104011009013938 Review of invalid procedure opinion statement 104021009024039 Examination request Oral trial notice receipt 104041009034140 review invalid declaration procedure 104061009044241 review procedure restoration request 1009054342 review procedure extension deadline request Book 1009064443 power of attorney authorization review report 1009074544 request for invalidation of patent right 106011010014645 invalidation request oral hearing notice receipt 106021010024746 Patent invalidation authorization procedure authorization power of attorney 106031010034847 administrative reconsideration application 109011011014948 invention patent request 111011101015049 invention patent request advance announcement statement 112011103015150 Substantive examination request 113011104 015251 utility model patent request 121011201015352 utility model patent search report request 123011207015453 design picture or photo 131021300015554 design brief description 131031300025655 design patent application 131011301015756 international application to enter the Chinese national stage statement (invention) 195011501015857 international application to enter China's national stage statement (Utility model) 1501025958 Supplemental translation of revised documents or revised documents 195211501036059 Correction of priority request 195261501046160 Correction of translation error request 195291501056261 Notes on microbiological preservation 191341501066362 Window submission document receipt 1000120010664 Note: The old code blank form is the new form 65

Issue class

ABCD1 No. Name Old code New code 21 Abort procedure request Approval notice 2080120000132 Notice of termination of the end of the procedure 2080520000243 Notice of receipt of judgment of people's court 2080620000354 Notice of preservation procedure commencement notice 2082020000465 Notice of waiting for preservation 2082420000576 Notification of property preservation Not issued 2084320000687 As a waiver of the right to obtain patent applications or patent rights 20000798 review business letter 20105200020109 fee mitigation notice of approval 201042000211110 as a withdrawal notice 201082000221211 deemed no notice 201112000231312 extension period approval notice 201122000241413 modify the correction notice 201142000251514 Resumption of the right to request the approval notice 201162000261615 Refund approval notice 201172000271716 Procedures for compliance notice 212012000281817 Notification of completion of the formalities 212142000291918 Notification of the payment of fees 2000312019 Notice of the restoration of the right to correct the formalities 2000322120 Patent application acceptance notice 201012001012221 Document Notification Notice 201022001022322 Payment application fee notice 201232001032423 electronic application receipt 2001052524 window to submit Mail receipt 2001062625 electronic application registration request approval notice 2001072726 electronic application registration business letter 2001082827 review, invalid declaration procedures in the electronic document to submit receipt 2001092928 to foreign countries to apply for patent confidentiality review request documents to receive receipt 2001103029 re-determine the application date notice 212162003013130 ​​as Request notice of priority 212172003023231 deemed not to entrust the patent agency notice 212202003033332 as not required not to lose the novelty of the grace period notice 212212003043433 dismissal decision 212152003053534 sub-application is deemed not to make a notice 2003063635 deemed to give up the patent notice 201062006013736 Registration Notice 211052006023837 Notice of Payment Notice 201072007013938 Patent Right Termination Notice 201182007024039 Patent Evaluation Report Review Notice Notice 2007034140 Reception request is deemed to have not been made Notification 204012009014241 Notice of Reception Not Receipt 204022009024342 Notice of Restoration of Right Request for Restoration 204032009034443 Reply to the right to request the approval notice 204042009044544 review request acceptance notice 204052009054645 commissioned by the patent on behalf of Notice of approval of organization 204072009064746 Notice of review request for correction 204082009074847 Notice of review 204112009084948 Notice of oral hearing of examination request 204122009095049 Patent review committee review request Oral examination announcement 204132009105150 Review request examination decision 204142009115251 Review decision 204152009125352 Examination case closure notice 204162009135453 About sample, substance , Notice of original handling of the notice 204172009145554 correction notice 204182009155655 extension period approval notice 204372009165756 review request examination decision 204392009175857 meeting group member change notice 204402009185958 review case examination state notice 2009196059 decision request for avoidance request 2009206160 invalid declaration request is not mentioned Notice 206012010016261 Invalid declaration request Insuption letter 206022010026362 Invalid announcement acceptance notice 206032010036463 Invalid announcement acceptance notice 206042010046564 Invalid declaration request correction notice 206052010056665 Invalid declaration request correction notice 206072010066766 Invalid announcement case examination state notice 206082010076867 Entrusted patent Notice of examination and approval of management authority 206102010086968 Notice of approval of patent agency approval agency 206112010097069 Notification of original handling of sample, substance, and evidence 206142010107170 Notice of original handling of sample, substance and original document 206152010117271 Document of transfer document 206162010127372 Document of transfer document 206172010137473 Invalid declaration request Trial notice 206182010147574 Patent Reexamination Board invalid declaration request Oral trial announcement 206202010157675 Invalid declaration request examination notice 206212010167776 Invalid declaration request examination decision 206232010177877 Invalid declaration request examination decision 206242010187978 Invalid declaration request examination decision 206252010198079 Invalid announcement case closure notice 206262010208180 Correction notice 206282010218281 Discussion group member notification letter 206312010228382 Decision handling of the request for avoidance 206322010238483 Foreign letter of entrustment translation notice 2010248584 Foreign letter of evidence translation of power of attorney 2010258685 Reconsideration application acceptance notice 209012011018786 Reconsideration application not to accept notice 209022011028887 Administrative reconsideration decision 209042011038988 Reconsideration decision Extension notice 209052011049089 Notice of termination of reconsideration case 209062011059190 Reconsideration case stop execution notice 209072011069291 Reconsideration case recovery procedure notice 209082011079392 Reconsideration application is deemed to have not made notice 209092011089493 Reconsideration application correction notice 209102011099594 Compensation case decision 2011109695 Compensation request Not accepted notice Book 2011119796 Notice of acceptance of compensation request 2011129897 Notice of examination opinion 212072103019998 Notice of correction 2120821030210099 Biomaterial sample as non-preservation notice 21222210303101100 Patent examination preliminary examination of qualification application 21223210304102101 Patent application publication notice 21227210305103102 Invention patent application examination request deadline Notice of the expiry date 21228210306104103 Notice of entry into the substantive examination stage of the invention patent application 21231210307105104 Notice of publication of patent application and entry of substantive examination stage 21229210308106105 Notification of confidentiality (confidentiality) 21233210320107106 Patent application confidentiality examination approval (confidential) 21235210321108107 Patent application Transfer of defense Notice of Patent Office (Confidentiality) 21 236210322109108 Notice of Confidentiality Approval (Confidential) 21237210323110109 Decryption Notice of Approval (Confidential) 21240210324111110 Acceptance of Patent Application Transfer of Defense Patent Office Examination of Transfer Letter (Confidentiality) 21241210325112111 Notice of Application for Patent Privacy Notice to Foreign Countries 210326113112 Application for Patent Privacy Review decision (confidential) 210327114113 first review opinion notice 21301210401115114 first review opinion notice 21302210402116115 Nth examination opinion notice 21303210403117116 Submission of notice 21304210404118117 Submission notice 21305210405119118 Meeting notice 21306210406120119 We reject decision 21307210407121120 We reject decision 21308210408122121 Notice of Correction of Translation Errors 21309210409123122 Patent Agent Mistake Remedy Notice 21311210411124123 Notice of Unification Restoration Fee 21313210412125124 Notice of Grant of Invention Patent Notice 21501210413126125 Notice of Grant of Invention Patent Right 21502210414127126 Notice of Avoiding Duplication of Patent Right 21503210415128127 Notice of Patent Right Book correction notice 31306210416129128 grant Notice of Notice of Correction of Patent Right Notice 31307210417130129 Notice of Nth Review Opinion 22201220301131130 Notice of Nth Amendment 22202220302132131 Notice of Patent Right of Patent Model 22501220601133132 Patent Evaluation Report of Utility Model No. 220701134133 Utility Model Patent Evaluation Report (Correction) 220107A135134 Practical New patent search report 22301220702136135 grant utility model notice of notice of correction notice 220703137136 utility model patent search report review notice notice 22302220704138137 correction notice 23210230201139138 review notice notice 23204230302140139 grant design patent notice 23501230601141140 design patent evaluation report 230701142141 Notice of Notification of Grant of Designation of Patent Right Notice 230703143142 International Application Not Applicable to China National Stage Notice 29502250301144143 International Application for Entry into China National Stage Notice 29503250302145144 Amendment Document Defect Notice 29505250303146145 International Application for Approval of Preliminary Examination at the National Phase of China 29507250304147146 Not Received To the patented international preliminary report Book 29515250306148147 29519250309149148 modification will not be considered filed a notice by mail receipt file 250 311 150 Note: The old code to the new blank spreadsheet content duplicacy checker table 151

If you need to download a table of Excel format, please click here.